Health Care Coverage Without Preexisting Conditions Made Possible After the 2010 Health Care Reform

The recent US comprehensive health reform is the hottest topic in town today. This reform puts American families and individuals in a better control of their own heath care.Here are some key changes which will be legitimated following this health care reform:1. An Increase in health care provisions of $995 million has been set aside to support more community health centers in under-served areas. Some of these funding are cater for medical workforce diversity grants for the minority communities. This is a good opportunity for them to be trained as doctors, nurses, or any medical specialists to further contribute in the health care sector.2. Increased subsidy on insurance premium for low income working families and revising Medicare cost, making them more affordable for most of the society. This protects low income families from high debts due to rising health care costs, while at the same time, encouraging them to seek for medical treatments in time of need.3. It is compulsory for Business owners to provide health insurance to their employees, as long as the size of the company is more than 50. This is one of the strategies to protect employees with health insurance protection even if they change their employer.4. An increase in tax credits on health Insurance premium for families with low income. It also helps to improve the cost sharing assistance for low income families and individuals. With this in place, the cost of premium is lower for those with low income while for those in the high range income, their premium cost would remained or higher than before.5. The latest 2010 Health care reform managed to remove the health benefit barriers for those with preexisting conditions: This reform enables all Americans to enjoy the same benefits of this health reform equally. This helps to encourage equality among the society as well as to reduce the number of uninsured Americans as much as possible.
Before the reform, patients with preexisting conditions were largely being discriminated by the health insurance companies. The latest health insurance reform has barred these discriminations as insurers are prohibited from denying or rejecting any insurance coverage for anyone with preexisting condition. In sum, one of the main objectives of the reform is to drive for the reduction in the number of uninsured Americans today who are exposed to high medical cost and expensive treatment fees. Hopefully this reform will help to promote increased health care awareness among the US society such in order to build a stronger and healthier community for a stronger nation.

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