Elegant Wicker and Leather Furniture for Your Chic Home!

Decorating and furnishing our home is always a pleasure. The patio is however, extra special to most of us as we spend some good, leisurely quality time with family and friends here.Patio furniture is usually comfortable, sturdy and durable. There is an array of outdoor furniture available for patio in the market today, leather and the wicker furniture being among the popular ones. Wicker furniture are light weight yet durable and easy to make. They are one of the softest options for outdoor furniture that is much cheaper than metal or wood. Wicker itself is made of reed, rattan, bamboo, willow or the synthetic material.Many compare the wicker furniture to plastic in terms of movability and price but plastic lacks the aesthetic appeal. When crafted intricately by the skilled craftsmen wicker furniture looks elegant on your patio giving it a classic appeal. Though wicker furniture is easy to create the best ones can only be made by experienced wickerwork artisans.Wicker furniture is strong and will sustain many storms but maintaining them certainly means an exponential increase in life time. They will even look new much longer. The first step of maintenance is to cover them. Make sure that the covers are easily movable and keep the elements away. Heat and water are two elements that can excessively damage the furniture. Try to place the furniture in the shade yet giving you all the space that you require. Too much of heat will make the furniture brittle and frayed. In case of fraying simply recoat it with varnish.Though wicker furniture is popularly used as outdoor furniture, it can be used as indoor furniture too. The wicker chests and baskets are popularly placed in the bathrooms and are used as storage extensively. They are largely used in kid’s room matching with all the other furniture around making the room look colorful and stylish. Wicker furniture is easy to maintain and requires some occasional dusting only.The other very popular and chic option for home furnishing is the leather furniture. Leather furniture spells elegance, glamour and style. They are comfortable and give your home a luxurious feel and look. Leather furniture is easily available in various shades and designs online or in an interior’s store close to you. Though a little expensive if maintained well they last a life time for sure. Make sure when cleaning the leather furniture you use the right polish or a sticky residue remains taking away the shine from the furniture.Vacuum the Leather furniture regularly. Remove each cushion to clean the loose dust. Remember to use a soft brush for best results. Mix a table spoon of dish soap with distilled water and use this solution to wipe your leather furniture sparkling clean. Use a separate cloth to wipe the furniture with normal clear water. Dry the furniture with soft clean dry towel for the best results. Maintain your leather and wicker furniture well for the desired effect.

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